A Handful of Stars (Paperback)

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Hope is found in wishes made upon shooting stars, so a handful of stars gives us faith.

A Handful of Stars is a journey of courage and resilience that readers take from falling to healing, realising along the way that the journey is not going to be easy.

The book branches over various themes from love, heartbreak, loss, and womanhood to self-love, revival, and healing.

Readers learn about the beauty and innocence of falling and they learn that the healing is not a destination but a process, and this process can often last a lifetime. The book teaches that a person's softness is their biggest strength and that having a big heart is not always a bad thing and that a glimmer of light can be found in the darkest places.

A Handful of Stars is raw and unapologetic, soft and kind, reflective and inspirational all at the same time. Some of Ruby's most loved poems are shared within the pages of this book, in hope that they will have the same effect on readers the second time as they did the first.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781945322143
ISBN-10: 1945322144
Publisher: Monarch Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: September 7th, 2018
Pages: 206
Language: English