War on the Steppes: Three Accounts of the War Against the Turks 1588 - 1683 (Paperback)

War on the Steppes: Three Accounts of the War Against the Turks 1588 - 1683 Cover Image
By George Nafziger (Translated by)
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This is three contemporary accounts of the wars of the 16th and 17th centuries.  The first pertaining to Zamoyski's campaign against the Tartars in 1588, the next two from the siege of Vienna in 1683.  One from outside the city and the second from inside

Zamoyski and the Defeat of the Tartars in 1588. Is an anonymous contemporary pamphlet on the campaign against the Tartars in 1588

The next are translations of two works published within the year of the siege of Vienna, 1683.  The first starts with much of the European politics surrounding Austria in 1683 and the reason why all of Europe did not go to Vienna’s relief.  It then begins a study of the maneuvers of the Christian army, Turkish siege operations, the defense of the city, and the great battle that relieved the city and broke the back of the Turks.

The second work is probably the more interesting in that it was written by a Frenchman who spent the siege within the walls of Vienna.  He relates details of how the city was defended and actions taken by its commander, plus the situation of the Christian army, issues with the Hungarians, who were Turkish allies, the siege from both sides, and the climactic battle that ended the siege.

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George Nafziger earned his BS from Miami University in 1971, his MBA from Miami University in 1976, and his Ph.D. in Military History from The Union Institute in 1999. He served in the navy, retiring as a Captain in the US Navy Reserves. He is a former director of the Napoleonic Society of America; the Napoleonic Alliance was on the board of directors of HMGS East. Nafziger is the owner of The Nafziger Collection publishing house, specializing in military history. As of 2013, it produces 385 different titles on military history ranging from the Middle Ages through the Korean War, with a heavy emphasis on the Wars of the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, and World War II. As a publisher of obscure military works, he is constantly seeking authors with unpublished manuscripts on military history that are seeking a publisher.

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