The Diary of an Unwed Mother: Unplanned and Unwanted, but Sent by God (Paperback)

The Diary of an Unwed Mother: Unplanned and Unwanted, but Sent by God Cover Image
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One of the major misconceptions of our modern time is that women's bodies belong to them, and they can, therefore, do what they want with them. God has taught us in His Word (see 1 Corinthians 6:15-20), that our bodies belong to Him, and that He is the One who makes all decisions about who will be born and through whom they will be born. So, no, your body does not belong to you; you were bought with a great price. Jesus gave His life for you and for each person He created, and we were all created to have an abundant life.

We do not get to choose who God births through us, nor do we get to choose who births us. That is all God's domain. He chooses what children He sends to each family. Parents do not choose their own children, and neither do children choose who will be their parents.

A human cannot create another human. Only God can place, form and shape a baby in a woman's womb. And God has never made a mistake. He is perfect He is intentional Human beings are imperfect and make many mistakes, but not God. Therefore, when a child is conceived, under whatever circumstances, that new life has been ordained to live, and you and I have no right to take that life from them. We call it abortion, but God calls it MURDER

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ISBN: 9781950398362
ISBN-10: 1950398366
Publisher: McDougal Fiction
Publication Date: February 26th, 2021
Pages: 66
Language: English