Poetry and Symbolism of Indian Basketry: 1913 (Paperback)

Poetry and Symbolism of Indian Basketry: 1913 Cover Image
By Roger Chambers (Introduction by), George Wharton James
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This special edition of 'Poetry and Symbolism of Indian Basketry' was written by George Wharton James, and first published in 1913, making it well over a century old.

James, who had a passion for aboriginal people and their way of life, focuses on the poetry and symbolism in the designs and patterns of traditional Native American Basketry.

The book is written essay-style and features lots of photographs of tribal people making their baskets, and includes pictures of items from James' own extensive private collection of artifacts.

'Poetry and Symbolism of Indian Basketry' is a wonderful old book written a tangible passion for the subject, and is an absolute must-read for all Basketry enthusiasts.

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