Zen y El Arte del Mantenimiento de La Motocicleta (Paperback)

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A first-person account of the narrator's motorcycle journey with his 11-year-old son Chris is the backdrop for a philosophical discussion about the meaning of quality in this renowned novel from 1974. As thetwo travel from Minnesota to California, the artful maintenance required to keep the motorcycle running becomes a metaphor for how to combine the cold, rational world of technology and the warm, imaginative world of art. The daily care of the mechanical pieces, their correct functions, and the necessary equilibrium of the parts that make up the whole encapsulate the history of Western philosophy. The magic of this book, which has touched millions of readers all over the world, resides in its ability to captivate the reader with a heartwarming story while browsing philosophical heritage from Socrates to Kant, simultaneously examining the valuable counterweight of philosophical currents from the East.""Un relato en primera persona del viaje en motocicleta del narrador con Chris, su hijo de once anos, es el telon de fondo para una discusion filosofica sobre el significado de la calidad en esta novela famosa de 1974. Mientraslos dosviajan desde Minnesota hacia California, el arte del mantenimiento necesario para mantener la motocicleta corriendo pasa a ser una metafora de como conjugar el frio y racional mundo tecnologico y el calido e imaginativo mundo del arte. El cuidado diario de las piezas mecanicas, su funcionamiento correcto y el equilibrio necesario de las partes que componen el todo resumen la historia de la filosofia occidental. La magia de este libro, que marco a millones de lectores en todo el mundo, reside en su habilidad de cautivar al lector mediante una entranable historia mientras explora el patrimonio filosofico desde Socrates hasta Kant, al mismo tiempo examinando el valioso contrapeso de las corrientes filosoficas orientales.

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Robert M. Pirsig is a writer and philosopher famous for his Metaphysics of Quality theory. He is the author of "Lila: An Inquiry into Morals." He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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ISBN: 9788496867529
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Publisher: Sexto Piso
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2012
Pages: 480
Language: Spanish
Series: Narrativa Sexto Piso