Mansa Musa and Timbuktu: A Fascinating History from Beginning to End (Paperback)

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Discover the Fascinating Life of Mansa Musa and Timbuktu

On the West coast of Africa there once, the Mali Empire in its Golden Age was once bigger than the entirety of Western Europe put together, made possible by the efforts of one man Mansa Musa the Sultan of Mali.

Mansa Musa was the richest man to have ever lived, worth 400 Billion Dollars in today's terms, his gold mines supplied the British Empire, and the rest of the European Empires for eight-hundred years, despite the dry desolate environment of Mali he founded the greatest center of learning in all of the word Timbuktu. His great holy pilgrimage to Mecca was the greatest the world had ever seen, 60,000 pilgrims joined him as he traveled causing inflation of the local currencies of the lands he went through, from all the gold he had spent.

This book will cover Mansa Musa's Life from Beginning to End in a clear and concise way that will make for easy reading even for those not experts in history.

In Mansa Musa and Timbuktu a Fascinating History from Beginning to End you will discover topics such as
  • History of Mali And Mali Empire
  • Mansa Musa the Great Sultan
  • Trade-In Mansa Musas Enormous Empire
  • The Greatest Hajj In History
  • Timbuktu the Learning Center of World
  • Present Day Mali
  • The Legend and Legacy of Mansa Musa
  • And Much Much More
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Publication Date: July 8th, 2020
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