Dr. Sebi: The Alkaline Diet with Dr Sebi's Approved Food. (Paperback)

Dr. Sebi: The Alkaline Diet with Dr Sebi's Approved Food. Cover Image
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Are you looking for a Dr. Sebi treatment and cure book?
Are you one who thinks that our body is a temple and only the best should go in it?
Do you think that often it's hard to remember it?
Then this book is exactly what you need if you want to live by that principle

The Alkaline diet was created by a professional, one of the best doctors in the field, for everyone, no matter their size, age, or background. It will give you every tip and trick, plus a multitude of tasty and healthy recipes.

★★★More precisely, you will learn: ★★★

  • Who Dr. Sebi was, his personal life, career, and death
  • What the Dr. Sebi alkaline diet looks like, and how you should follow it
  • The list of foods approved by Dr. Sebi
  • The meaning of the alkaline diet and how it's related to some diseases
  • The factors that make an Alkaline diet so
  • What you need to eat and avoid
  • What studies say about the effect of having a regular pH level in your body
  • How acidity leads to diseases
  • Who should consider the alkaline diet and who should avoid it
  • How to lose weight with Dr. Sebi's diet and alkaline diet
  • The benefits of detoxing your body
  • The detox herbs from Dr. Sebi's diet and how you can use them
  • Amazing recipes that will help you follow Dr. Sebi's approach to the alkaline diet
  • The risks of the alkaline diet and how to avoid them
  • The controversies and myths that surrounded the life and practice of Dr. Sebi

And much More

Your body will be purified, and you'll notice your energy sky-rocketing just after mere weeks of this alkaline diet. Alkaline means that you'll get rid of harmful toxins and acidic food to find a brand-new lifestyle

Come on, what are you waiting for? Scroll Up and select "Buy Now ", get this diet and turn your life around.

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ISBN: 9798682578634
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2020
Pages: 138
Language: English