Ann Arbor Cook Book (1899 edition)


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This is a reproduction of a public domain out of print title.

Compiled by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Congregational Church. Published by Courier Office in Ann Arbor

From the Preface:

" Of making many books there is no end ," nor need one be looked for . No apology is offered for adding another to the many excellent Cook Books , for none now available contains the choice and tested recipes of many of the best cooks of Ann Arbor. In compiling this book there has been but one embarrassment, an embarrassment of riches , To select from the large number of recipes offered those that could be published has been a formidable task , and mistakes must needs have been made . The Committee of Publication can only say it has used its best judgment , and regrets that it was compelled to omit many recipes perhaps quite as good as those published . The embarrassment is somewhat relieved by the free permission of
nearly all contributors to use or omit their contributions . It is unfortunate that many failed to sign each recipe, as requested , in consequence of which some are published without proper

While a committee of the Ladies ' Aid Society of the Congregational Church edited the work, yet recipes have been contributed so generally by the ladies of the whole city that the book is in 

fact , as in name , " THE ANN ARBOR COOK Book. ” Thanks are due to so many that mention by name is impossible . Special mention is due to MISS HUNT for the cover- page design ,
to MRS. ANGELL for the valuable article on " How to Serve , " which she, though very willing to assist , was yet most reluctant to prepare for publication , and to the advertisers whose support
makes the work possible, and who have a message in their advertisements that will repay the attention of householders .

With the hope that THE ANN ARBOR COOK BOOK will contribute to the welfare and comfort of the homes it enters , it is offered to the public .