A Bouquet of Written Delights: Poetry, Essays, Stories by Ever Green


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Prompted by Words:


Which: Inspire, extoll, offer advice, tell tales, make one wonder, make one believe, communicate, lie, tell truths, may be wicked, may praise, can do harm, can do great good, inflate an ego, crush a dream, build walls, tear walls down, cause laughter, cause tears, evoke memories, lift, tread, usurp, bully, glorify, are an everlasting need.  It is words that make us human, it is words that inspire love, it is words that make us sing or curse or worse. Words appear on gravestones, on birthday cards, on documents, on contracts, in sermons, in classrooms, even poems require organized words, as do essays and stories as well as novels and non-fiction.  All research requires words.   Writing requires words. “I hate writing; I love having written” Dorothy Parker