Building a Community: From Isolation to Interdependence by Richard Frederick O'Dell, Jr.


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It has become increasingly urgent, the increasing fragility of planetary life, that we recognize the importance of living interdependently. With this recognition, it is imperative that we come together to work in a spirit  of cooperation to protect not only our own lives but all planetary life.  If we all strive to do no harm, we will greatly reduce our reasons to be afraid, and if we all learn to live non-judgmentally and to share with those in need, we will greatly reduce our anger.

Someday, perhaps, we will become less afraid and more accepting of each other so that we will not harbor negative judgments, become defensive, or engage in unnecessary competition to satisfy our needs and wants. For the sake of all humanity, it is important that we build an interdependent community that strives to sustain life and increase happiness.

It is a community we so desperately need.