Catholic Churches We Attended When Traveling in our Motor Home


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It was by chance, in 1959, that I found a Jr. Stewardess pin when I was working at my teenage part-time job in a restaurant.  Then I saw an ad in a magazine in my high school library for an airline trade school. That gave me a dream of becoming a stewardess and walking down the aisle of an airplane, closing top compartments and checking seat belts.

Fast forward to 2011:

Here I am walking down the aisle of our motor home, closing top compartments and checking the harnesses on our two cats. Not quite my dream, but what an adventure it’s been for over fifty years getting to this point in our lives.

This book tells about when we purchased our 1993 BARTH motor home, why we were in each city, pictures and stories of twenty-seven churches, the adventures of getting to some of them, related articles, 5K races, funny events, blessings received and two puzzles. It is meant to INSPIRE, EDUCATE AND ENTERTAIN. It’ll give you smiles and maybe even a few tears.

·         … seller gave  Lou a “Readers Digest” briefing on how to drive this 33’ BARTH… 

·         …when we arrived and were immediately thrown into a state of confusion. 

·         …Lou suggested I put the holy water in the windshield washer… 

·         …I’ve had that slip of paper in my purse for a very long time. 

·         … a big, old, well-fed dog came walking past us...slowly. 

·         By turning off at the next exit we literally ended up… 

·         “…You only make this mistake once in your life…”   

·         …but then…  Zooooooom! We passed our exit. 

·         This was the saddest Mass I’ve ever attended. 

·         …they chose to drive slowly and follow us… 

·         …the gears were shifting by themselves!   

·         …“Do you smell something burning?” 

…why she said: “Today is a Miracle