Celebrate Christ by John Gillette


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As a Pastor myself, I fully believe that the Holy Bible is the infallible Word of God and is true in all its declarations. Yet, some of the truths and promises of Scripture are more easily experienced and lived out than others. Perhaps the hardest for many regard the promises of God that even amid life’s most painful experiences, the child of God has access to both peace and joy and that nothing in life is beyond the power of God to redeem for good. And yet, how is it that the sufferings of life, from which none of us are immune, can be redeemed for good? How can God use me as an instrument for others to experience healing, hope and faith in the midst of tragedy and loss? In the Pastoral Health Care Series, Dr. John Gillette has captured the heart of God that God so desires to beat in ours — people free in Christ, motivated by His love, and empowered by His Spirit to both experience our own victory and purpose in our pain but to also bring compassion and spiritual guidance to those who have been battered by the pains of tragedy, loss and suffering. Dr. Gillette speaks out of decades of faithfulness to pastoral ministry, as well as out of his own experience with tragic loss and pain. I know that every reader of this series will experience what I have through it — theological and practical insight into how one can experience the rich promises of God — to take what Satan meant for harm and transform it for the good of His children. This series offers practical insights to experience all of God’s promises which as the Apostle Paul said “are yes and amen in Christ Jesus.” Christ is the one who has given us victory and promises to redeem even the most painful scars and bruises this temporal life on earth has inflicted upon us. With eyes of faith, Dr. Gillette reminds us, we celebrate the risen Lord and anticipate His return when our faith will become sight and our hearts will overflow with praise to the glory of God and His promise within it, that even the most painful experiences of life can never make void. I trust you will enjoy this insightful and life-giving series and be enriched by it as I have been.