A Coloring Book of Bible History by Blossoming Rose


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A Bible-based coloring book.
Our History of Faith
The Bible has many stories about deer, goats, camels, horses, sheep and donkeys. Many people in Bible times took care of animals that were often described in the stories about Abraham and Isaac, Moses and the Israelites, Samuel and the Kings.

This 54 page coloring book will help children learn about the Bible as they have fun coloring pictures of the people and animals in the Bible. There is a place in Israel today called Biblical Tamar Park where the history goes back over 4,000 years. This coloring book includes pictures of this desert oasis which is the oldest city in southern Israel. People visit Tamar from all over the world.

Parents, grandparents, teachers, and care givers are invited to use this unique coloring book as a teaching tool to explain the stories in the Bible. It is important that the children learn about the Bible while they are very young and recognize their own place in God’s unfolding history.