Creation Speaks: Devotions Based on God's First Book of Revelation by Jerry Lang


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As a scientist and a Christian, Jerry Lang brings his knowledge and observational skills together with his lifelong Christian beliefs to read from God’s first book of revelation—creation. Organized as daily devotionals and illuminated by scriptural passages, each short meditation recounts the author’s personal encounters with God’s “book of nature,” in which, as Paul states, “we live and have our being.”

By sharing these inspirational moments of his own faith journey through seasonal changes manifest in the natural world, Jerry provides readers with new ways of looking at themselves and the world in which they live. Creation Speaks encourages every reader to begin their own explorations into the pages of the book written directly by God.



After receiving a PhD in entomology, Jerry Lang had a 21-year career as a medical entomologist in the USAF prior to serving 16 years as a senior environmental scientist for an architectural and engineering firm in Dayton, Ohio. Upon retirement in 2007, he and his wife, Alison, moved to Muskegon, Michigan, where they presently reside near their children and grandchildren.

Jerry has been involved in several Christian denominations throughout his life and has a passion for bringing scientific insights and Christian spirituality together. He particularly enjoys leading church-based groups outdoors as they explore the book of nature.