Deidre's Secret by Ruth Romeyn


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Nurse,   Pastor, Author . . .

. . . Ruth Romeyn tells a heart wrenching story that will likely raise more questions than answers. Could this story of a Norwegian family settling in Minnesota really have happened in America?

In the later part of the 19th century the family immigrates to Minnesota, bringing with them a mystery illness. They had heard of a medical practice in Rochester, Minnesota. If anyone could help them, the doctors there could. But would they arrive in time to receive the help they so desperately needed?

Ruth spent the first part of her professional life in nursing. Her experience includes operating room, emergency room, poison specialist, and work in a mission hospital in Africa. 

Ruth has worked with many people, afflicted with this mystery illness. While this illness has been prevalent in many parts of the world for centuries and centuries, to some people the truth about this illness remains a mystery. 

Ruth closed out her professional life as an ordained pastor, serving as hospital chaplain.

In retirement Ruth writes, preaches, and keeps in touch with family and friends by email. She is married, has two daughters, and three grandsons. 

This is Ruth’s second novel. The first—A Frontier Teamtells the story of a young couple who bring medical and spiritual care to pioneers in Dakota Territory.