Discovering God's Presence by John Gillette


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“John’s book contains a lifetime of experiences guided by the law of the Bible, which reaches an important spiritual conclusion. This book is written to open your mind and self-consciousness to the Holy Spirit, which in turn provides a path to salvation. The book draws the reader closer to personal observation which provides reasoning to exact reference to scripture. Highly recommended for self-development of Christian faith.” 

— Nicholas A. Reyna, Esq.


“Another great book from Dr. John Gillette. In this book, John provides solid answers for his belief and faith in the Lord with a vast and careful selection of scripture. It was very evident throughout the book that John has encountered the Lord in very deep and personal ways and understands that it is only by God’s grace and power that he has faith. The book is very enjoyable to read because John conveys his faith with so much humility, wisdom, and insight.”

— Thoa A. Reyna, Esq.