Do You Ever Wonder? by Kay Lyons


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How are you at making conversation?

Would you like to be better at it, even great at it?

This little book of big questions will give you lots of very interesting topics to talk about!

Do you want to get to know someone better? To know what they really think about things?

Do you need a new party game?  Or new dinner conversation topics?

Are you at a loss to take someone a little gift?

Would you like a sure-fire way to relax? Poetry, even simple poems like this, work well.

When nothing else works to get discussion going, a few of these poems will help a lot!

Sometimes, when you need a break from the rush-rush of everyday life, these pages offer that.

Do you need a clever way to kill time at boring meetings?

Would you like to know your own philosophy of life more clearly?


If you answered “YES!” to any one of these questions, this book is for you!

It gives you questions with lots of possible answers, and no wrong answers!