Dynamic Doer by John Gillette


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“God is our refuge and strength, a very present HELP in trouble.”

Psalm 46:1

“The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the HEART.”

Psalm 19:8

“He that followeth after righteousness and mercy, findeth life, righteousness, and HONOR.”

Proverbs 21:21


The three words helpheart, and honor have brought relentless encouragement. The Pastoral Health Care series and Divine Dialogue series became a reality to help me. For me it was through open heart-surgery, cancer surgery and unexpected internal illnesses. It was most needed through my wife’s tragic death. God’s word has been my heart’s desire for power to win. With passion, the Bible promises have proven to continue to work. Pursuing God the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit’s assistance has brought many unexpected honors. Following God’s instruction and application will bring supernatural presence in life even in bad situations.

--- John F. Gillette



Life hurts. Grief, illness, injury, and other sorrows haunt us all, sometimes without rest. Managing, or failing to manage, these burdens can make it difficult to do anything else on our worst days. But there is so much more to life; even a life in pain. 

I was a young man when I lost my health. Married, with two small children, my life changed abruptly due to a mysterious and painful disability. When I lost my job, my ministry, and my home, I felt like I had lost everything.

Looking back, it’s obvious that was false. God blessed my family with perseverance and another child. He took care of our physical needs (we never went a day without food or water or clothing or shelter). He provided for us through our blood relatives, our brothers and sisters in Christ, even strangers. Though once I could discern only my own pain, God was not only present but granting me blessings I could not earn.

Years later, I met the author of the Pastoral Health Care series. Though John is very familiar with pain himself, he acknowledges your deep pain and --- with relentless encouragement --- invites you to look beyond it.

The key to this is simple. To quote the author, “The Bible works. Why not try it out?” You will find that this series is packed with practical application drawn from the Word of God. By reading God’s Word and reminding ourselves of His promises, His love, and His dependability, we remember that God’s grace is sufficient for this life and the best life is yet to come. Whatever your trials are, whatever the source or scope of your pain, you can have peace and hope and even victory.

--- Joel Hodgson