End Times Prophecy Primer by Dr, Von Scott Hieneman


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How prepared are you to discuss God’s prophetic promises relating to the last days?
This small primer is a tool for those who know a lot and a resource for those who know very little about Bible prophecy and the end of the age. For the well-read amateur Bible scholar, this book can be used to introduce those around you to your passion for prophecy.  For the individual who might be seeking answers to their own prophetic questions or for the person just embarking in the study of end times events, this book is a wonderful starting point.  Each short chapter provides a clear scriptural reference and in many cases interesting parallels to current events. END TIMES PROPHECY PRIMER covers topics from apostasy to UFOs without mincing words or burdening the reader with overwhelming theological debates. If you have a desire to learn more about the days preceding the return of Jesus Christ or a curiosity about the calamitous events transpiring today, please read END TIMES
Dr. Von Scott Hieneman is a clinical optometrist with twenty years of experience in private practice.  He has pursued an understanding of eschatology for decades. He discovered his love for prophecy while being raised on a small dairy farm in Eastern Kentucky and he now resides with his beautiful bride Dr. Stacy Davis Hieneman and their amazing son Fletcher in West Michigan.

6 x 9 - 100 pages. 0.222" spine width