Every Stop Has a Story by Owen Deckinga


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The hidden servants of a city are its trash haulers, those men and women who clean up after the residents have gone to sleep.  These are the unsung heroes of hygiene, moving the city’s clutter and crud out of sight and preparing the city for a fresh, new day.

In Every Stop Has a Story, Owen Deckinga—he of the calloused hands, wry smile and sharp outlook—takes us on a ride-along through the streets and alleys of Chicago and its suburbs. Along the way he’ll recall his encounters with a string of unforgettable characters, like the witchy Carlotta, the eccentric Ms LeMay and many others.  Like a good tour guide, Deckinga will also engage in some elucidation and instruction, and occasionally he’ll spin off into a few rants as well.  So, pull in your elbow as he backs into this tight alley.  And enjoy…because every stop does have a story.