The Flexibility of God by Herman VanReenen


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The author, Herman J. VanReenen emigrated from The Netherlands after W.W. II, having finished his studies at the Economic University in Rotterdam, where he concluded his studies as Ph.D. candidate. He also received his MBA from Western Michigan University. He also studied at Calvin Seminary and Grace Bible college.

In early years he already had a keen interest in the Bible, especially in the area of Biblical Philosophy, and he spent much time in discussion groups, studying scriptures and made copious notes of what he heard and read. 

Subsequently he organized and computerized these countless notes, resulting in the construction of an extensive, personal 4-volume concordance.

As a young person he was inspired by the faith and spiritual insights of his grandfather, a simple man, but one who knew the scriptures like few people do. Herman’s notes have now been organized into several books, where this volume is the first one in the collection. He has strived to be purely Biblical in our approach to these contemporary topics.

By studying this book one may not always agree with the author, because much of today’s  Bible knowledge and insight has been transferred to us by tradition, resulting in pre-conceived ideas, thereby forming the fundaments of settled  opinion and the formation of one’s doctrine.

No doubt, much of our understanding is good, but a few areas may need some parallax treatment, viewing the same thing from a different angle. The Word of God is alive and powerful…Hebr. 4:12.

It is the author’s wish that the reader approaches this work with an open mind and find herein a great source of information and joy. May everyone know and love the Lord and His word.

Spiritual insight should grow until faith becomes sight.