A Frontier Team by Ruth Romeyn


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If I had lived in the late 19th or early 20th century this is the story

I would have chosen to live. A woman ahead of her times, yet

well grounded in her time and faith. A woman dedicated to serving

God by serving others—surrounded by those who loved and

believed in her. And by those who disapproved.

It’s a story of warm, developing relationships. Also a story of those

who attempt to control.

It’s the story of Mira, a woman who combines medical and pastoral

careers on the frontier in Dakota Territory.

It is my story if only I had lived then instead of now.


Ruth spent the first 20 years of her professional life in nursing,

including working as scrub nurse for Mayo Clinic surgeons

and then in missionary nursing in Africa, working  primarily with

leprosy patients. She also worked in the emergency department of a

Chicago area hospital and Grand Rapids hospital.

             She closed out her nursing career as a Poison

             Specialist for Western Michigan Poison Center.

                        She is a graduate of the Methodist-Kahler

                        School of Nursing in Rochester MN, and also

                        earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Church Education

                        from Wheaton College, and holds two Master’s Degrees

                        from Calvin Seminary.

                                    She became an ordained Pastor of Word

                                    and Sacrament in the Christian Reformed

                                    Denomination in 2000.

                                    She worked as Hospital Chaplain for many

                                    years with a primary focus on Acute Care.

                                    Ruth is married, has two daughters and three                                            

                      grandsons, and has always considered her

                                                 highest calling in life to be a mother,

                                                             and now grandmother.