A Garden of Angels by Linda Hatch Lester


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“An exquisite book of artistry and prose that will inspire your spirit and speak to your soul.” ~Denise Iwaniw-Francisco, Author of “A Year of Mystic Angels”

Angels are the sun droplets on a forest path. They are green sprigs, encountered along the weary road...

As with all of creation, Angels have their own voice, story and purpose.  This collection is a window into their Divine realm, their relationship with us, and their connection with the earth.  The themes and messages reflect a very small portion of the countless ways Angels touch our lives - through times of joy, sorrow, and human challenge.

 A Garden of Angels offers a clear-eyed view and gentle hand to help guide our daily journey.  We only need to allow ourselves to be open …open enough to feel, to see, to listen.

 A Garden of Angels is a collection of poetry and prose, featuring over 30 original Angel renderings in full color … It is a work of art and beautiful keepsake.  

50% of the net profits from A Garden of Angels are designated for the Luken T. Boyle Campaign for Kindness. The mission of Luken’s Campaign is to raise awareness about cyber-bullying, the epidemic of teen suicide and a platform for building on the alternative to bullying:  Kindness.