Generation Jesus by Donna Thomas


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Have you ever heard someone call you a “Boomer,” “Millennial, or “Gen X-er”? Ever felt as though you were being pigeon-holed by your age, likes and dislikes, values, etc.?

Well, God doesn’t see you that way.

God wants to help you realize that you, not your age, are valuable to Him. Society’s generational designations don’t define who you really are and the individual purpose God has for your life.

The title, Generation Jesus, describes how all of us are connected with each other in this current generation, not only in the Body of Christ, but more importantly with everyone else on the planet.

In this book, Donna Thomas presents scriptural evidence to show that the same generational obstacles we face today were experienced by people throughout the Bible.  They persisted and were successful in whatever dreams God gave them. You can be too!

Forget your chronological age.  God needs you wherever you are right now.  See yourself in the large, powerful group called…

Generation Jesus


Donna Thomas is a former high school and adult education teacher.  She has also served many years in management and leadership support roles.  Her lifetime desire is to show you how salvation, deliverance, healing and prosperity have already been provided for you through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Donna and her husband, John, make their home near Grand Rapids, Michigan.