Glorify God by John Gillette


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Glorifying God is the most important thing we can do on earth. God is glorious because he is God. He is the one who is entirely self-existent, self-sufficient and eternal. He exists in and of himself. He said, "I am who I am", Exodus 3:13-14. He doesn't have to explain himself as his attributes do that. He said "glorify me", Psalm 50:15. In John's struggles during health and sickness, he is making spiritual, psychological and physiological adjustments through understanding how to glorify God.

Learn to interpret life from God's viewpoint.

Learn to saturate your life with His thoughts.

Learn to understand God's graciousness.

Learn to mix God's word with faith.

To change feelings we must change thinking. Inaction will bring misery. Glorify God will bring strength, support and steadfastness. It will show His greatness, graciousness and goodness. We will experience His power, presence and peace.