Healing with Steel: A Memoir of my surgical academic life, family, horses, and the Vietnam War by Richard E Dean


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Richard E. Dean is a small-town Michigan boy who grows up to become an accomplished and skillful surgeon. His story moves from ponies and rural adventures of a bygone era to agricultural studies, a stint in veterinary school, medical school, surgical residency in Detroit and a notable career as a dedicated surgeon. Along the way Dean meets the love of his life and begins a family and medical practice only to be drafted into the Army and deployed to Vietnam in a busy MASH unit. Later, he joins a surgical practice in Cincinnati and is instrumental in the development of a kidney transplant program there. Dean is recruited by Michigan State University to join its new community-based medical school in Grand Rapids as the director of its surgical residency. Rising quickly through the academic ranks, he becomes the chairman of surgery, a position he holds for 17 years. Because of his personal involvement in numerous innovations and technical advances in surgery and surgical education, Dean has been the recipient of many professional awards and honors. Writing with warmth and humor, Dr. Richard E. Dean provides an enjoyable and insightful look into the life of a busy surgeon.