Her Cousin Julia by Susan Szurek


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June Coleman and Julia Wagner are cousins.

They were born a few months apart, grew up together, spent weekends with each other, stood up at each other’s weddings, shared important events and delicate conversations.  Now, as widows in their seventies, they live together, sharing a townhouse at the Winchester Senior Complex, a lovely place to live.

Or die.

Because all is not right.

One is determined that the other one must be killed.

Murder is illegal. 

And unethical. 

But really, there are many valid and genuine reasons to commit murder, and when one is determined…well…

June and Julia prove the adage that while you can choose your friends, you cannot choose your family.


The Author:

Susan M. Szurek assures her cousins that they are not the subjects of this novel.  However, she cannot vouch for readers’ cousins.