Holy Spirit, What A Ride! by Delores Start


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Stories are where the life is: All the fun we have and all the ’life-stuff’ we face.  As life unfolded I wrote, not a daily journal, but incidents I could not have imagined.  Laughter, prayer, and saving grace get us through the ’iffy’ parts and help us enjoy the rosy parts more fully.
A charmed life?  A life of bliss?  The joy was in the love shared.  The journey has been like all journeys: high, low, rough, tough, unbelievable, and stressful — but glued together with love and almost always including a funny side.
As a teen I often prayed, “Please God, don’t let me get married right away.  I want to travel!”   
Had I been more aware of the ways of the world, I would have rephrased that high school prayer by adding “first class!”  God would have had a good laugh.