I am Special and So Are You


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Authors: Kim Harris and the Camp Fire USA Schools of Hope Students

From the Preface:
We were inspired to compile the year long reading and writing assignment that was incorporated into the Schools of Hope Literacy program as a memorable moment for each student. We decided to dedicate this book to the Helen DeVos Chidren hospital and to share heartfelt moments with those that are suffering with Cancer. Understanding inclusiveness is the key connection to being special; and we wanted to embrace what the hospital has done with these special children... This book was implemented as a community service project initiative tha would foster healthy relationships across cultures. The book highlights each student perspective of themselves and their ability to rise to the Never Quitting place in life. Overcoming obstacles is the Champion stage of life, which we are trying to portray to the Helen DeVos Children Hospital. 

All Proceeds from the sale of this book are going to the Helen DeVos Children Hospital.