I Can't Believe I Fell For That by Sondra Scott


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WARNING:  The words in this book are extremely dangerous!

Women across the world who take even half of the knowledge revealed in these pages will be forced to live in crazy success and abundance.  Ladies, your lives will never be the same again.

Sondra used to struggle with feeling inadequate and stuck, while living in emotional and financial debt.  She sought answers in classes, books, tapes, CD’s, mentors, you name it.  What she discovered is that there is no accountability system, no To-Do list, no “OK-I’m-gonna-do-it-this-time” mantra, no self-help guru’s advice in the world that can provide sustainable results without the BELIEF to back it up. She found that our subconscious beliefs always create matching results and that releasing the non-serving ones is the ticket to real success.  With that piece of wisdom . . . EVERYTHING changed.    

Sondra now enjoys loads of prosperity in all areas and happily shares her knowledge by guiding people through a life-changing process that is shaping how women live and feel about their lives.  By changing your belief patterns you will release negative ideas that block growth, your behaviors will change, positive results will flow and a life of abundance will take fire.