As I Have Loved You by Liesa Swejkoski


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Heavenly Father, after creating the Earth and all things on it, envisions what his earth-bound children will look like.

Following the success of Lizzie’s Blue Ridge Memories, a best-seller in gift shops along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, author Liesa Swejkoski has done it again.This time she returns to her first love, writing for children, in As I Have Loved You, her very first picture book. Beautifully illustrated, this story is sure to become your child’s favorite on Sunday evenings after church.

From the author:  “Why do we proclaim war on each other? We are all brothers and sisters, a variety of colors, blooming in Heavenly Father’s Garden of Eden. Perhaps the change of peace may begin in your family when you read this book to your children.”

This unique picture book is a first for author Liesa Swejkoski, a featured guest on the Leeza Show.

“. . .beautiful children’s book. . . wonderful writer. . .“-- Melanie Riggs, illustrator and graphic artist.