Inherited Estate: A Song Cycle by Carol Bindel


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Praise for Carol Bindel's work― 
"This is a book of elemental sensuousness, Carol's words giving shape to the seduction of a night sky and the lit windows of a warm kitchen. Nothing is overlooked, undervalued or discarded." 
–Professor Colleen Webster, Teacher and Poet. 

"Carol Bindel’s poems are, taking one of her titles, “Homemade , Everyday Poems” but they are everyday like dawns and sunsets. Some of the poems are about doing farm chores; many are about family relationships; all of them have a deep awareness of nature. Her poems dance with the real stars." 
–Dan Cuddy, Poet and Editor of Loch Raven Review 

"Carol has that rare gift of seeing simple truth in the natural, every day experience. She lifts up what most of us miss completely in our rush to get on to the next thing. Her lovingly crafted poems call us to slow down, pay attention, notice the messages the world has to offer." 
–Beth Wood-Roig, Seminarian, Lancaster Theological Institute 

"Carol's words carry me down to the bedrock of myself and my own experience of this world we inhabit—both the world of leaf and rain and stone, and that of sense and thought and emotion. Her rhythms are those of wind and water, of words both spoken and sung—and of the Word, as heard in spiritual traditions the world over. Praises be for Inherited Estate, and the richness that all who read Carol’s words stand to inherit because of it." 
–Dana Knighten, Editor, Author, and Therapeutic Writing Facilitator