Intellect, Intuition and Heart: The Story of Dr. Katz, a Medical Pioneer by Lynne Katz


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This is the unusual journey of Dr. Sidney Katz, a seemingly ordinary man who has done extraordinary things. Told by his daughter, Lynne, it takes you to Eastern Europe before the onset of World War II, a MASH unit on the Korean front lines, the jungles of Africa, and the Vatican for a meeting with Pope John Paul II. You’ll be surprised to learn what he has accomplished and how his accomplishments have impacted you. Although recognized as a pioneer in the field of gerontology, he’s a man who has tried to stay hidden from public view and consequently, he’s virtually unknown to the general public. This fascinating composite of one physician’s lifetime of professional and personal stories presents a historical perspective of Katz’s role in some of modern medicine’s major developments. And it’s also a love story...