Just a Taste that the Lord is Good by Robert Parson


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Just A Taste That The Lord Is Good deals with every heart whether saved or unsaved. It can be used as a witnessing tool to unbelievers and an encouragement to believers. I believe it magnifies God, and exalts Jesus Christ as Lord. The goal is to get the Word of God into the hearts and homes of those that need encouragement to read the Word of God. The proceeds from this book will be used for the furtherance of full pardon prison ministries and a Christ-centered addiction program. Praise God!

About the Author
Robert Parson trusted the Lord and believed in Him in 1987. He wrote the poems at different times and events ever since the day that the\ Lord called him into His kingdom. Most of his poems were written while working with missionaries in the following countries: Haiti, Thailand, Mexico, and in Arizona with the Pima Indians. For the past four years the Lord has blessed Robert with two different Christ-centered addiction programs in the prison. To God be the glory.