The Key: Growing Up in the Episcopal Church by James F. Todd


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When a young boy is first exposed to churchly things, it can be a frightening experience.  No wiggling, no talking, pay attention, be good and always do good are frequent commands given.  As Gilbert and Sullivan described, there are “pious platitudes and stained glass attitudes”.  Why would any boy want to endure church stiff-necked, trying to absorb lessons he knew nothing about?  In Joey’s case, involvement not only inspired him, but became central to his needs. Immersion in churchly matters fulfilled his prerequisites. The contract he obtained from God was simple.  He used his talents of involvement in church, and God expanded his view of what was permissible in his Holy Temple and what was not.  This contract worked fine for Joey, bringing to fruition his need for love and forgiveness. As for God's part: service. These were THE KEY elements: fun, service, friends, and everlasting life.