Legends of Le Détroit by Marie Caroline Watson Hamlin (1883)


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Illustrated by Miss Isabella Stewart

The word "Legend" explains itself. Historical and romantic souvenirs hang like tattered drapery around the fair City of the Straits. Interest and curiosity have only to shake its venerable folds to scatter fragmentary history and legendary love. 

These weird tales, quaint customs and beautiful traditions have been handed down from generation to generation as sacred trusts. Originally brought from their cradle in Normandy, they are still tenderly cherished in the homes of the families of Norman descent settled along 'le  Détroit."

It has been my good fortune to hear many of them from loving, though aged lips of ancestors whose memories extend back into the last century.

It seems a befitting tribute to these noble and hardy pioneers that a descendant of theirs should gather and preserve in an imperishable form the mementoes they valued so highly.

(from the introduction)