Life in Song by Mark Lagerwey


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Mark Lagerwey came of age during the 1960s and 70s – a time of unprecedented musical and cultural convergence. As waves of popular music rolled around the world, Mark’s family spent several years in the Netherlands, where he experienced foreign language immersion and a lively Amsterdam music scene. Like many of that era’s youth, he was soon playing guitar, composing, and singing. 

After graduating from Calvin College, he edited weekly and daily newspapers in Northern Michigan, managed publications at Central Michigan University – where he earned a master’s degree – and developed and taught new programs at Baker College. Friends and colleagues identify him as a creative writer who loves both language and music. His memoir describes the journey of becoming a songwriter inspired by nature, spirit, love, and grace. Also included here are the lyrics, vignettes, and associated artwork for his 2023 album There’s a Light.

Mark and his wife, Kerri Vryhof, split their time between Grand Rapids and Cadillac, Michigan.

Companion Piece to the Music Album There’s a Light.

“This collection of writing encapsulates Mark’s command of written words as an essayist and lyricist. He unapologetically brings us to the heart of what inspires him as a person and a musician.”
Dan Digmann, Senior Writer at Ruffalo Noel Levitz

“Mark’s memoir is a compelling case for how music has made and continues to make his life, and ours, so much richer and more vital, and how diminished the world would be without it.”
Gary VanHouten, Friend, Wordsmith, Reading Mentor