Lowell Diary by GF Korreck


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Many poets and Kerouac buffs have made the pilgrimage to Lowell, Massachusetts—to be photographed at his graveside and to meditate on his spirit there and on their own dreams of the road.  G. F. Korreck has, in his Lowell Diary, discovered the spirit of the town itself, its centuries of mill town hard labor, “the rust & oil of lost days” and the “broken windows of old factories,” coming at last to Jack’s place, with its “ghosts & visions.”  Korreck has given us a long pause in that journey, “not to hurry but to feel each footstep . . . forever just beginning.”  The poems are tight and stand well on their own, yet the book is also a series of photographs of Lowell, which complement the words as they should.  Superb work!
                                                                                —David Cope, former Poet Laureate,
                                                                                   Grand Rapids, Michigan