Memorials of the Grand River Valley by Franklin Everett 1878


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From the prefatory note:

This work was prosecuted under the auspices of the Old Residents' Association of the Grand River Valley, the members of that body having the desire that the scenes of the past should not pass into oblivion.

No pains have been spared to make it authentic, and to render it worthy of the kindly reception of those for whom it was undertaken.

Without the aid of those who felt an interest in the work, it never would and never could have seen the light. Knowing very well that those who have been my patrons would not choose that their names should be given, I must still be indulged in the public expression of my heartfelt thanks to them collectively and individually.

The illustrations are mostly from Crosscup & West, of Philadelphia, and challenge comparison.

For the critical accuracy with which the letter-press is presented, the book is indebted to the accomplished proof-reader, Miss Mary Tomlin, of the Chicago Legal News.

With this brief statement, the work is committed to the public, with the hope that it will not be idly cast aside, or lightly appreciated.

634 pages