Mercy Central School of Nursing History 1898-1986 by Nancy Schulte


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In 1898 it became clear to the four Sisters of Mercy at Saint Mary's Hospital that they could no longer continue to provide all of the nursing care for their patients. They decided that they needed to begin receiving candidates for training as nurses. The institution founded on the premise of caring for the sick and needy, would provide a strong foundation for 3,336 future nurses during the 88 years that the School of Nursing was in existence. This book tells the story of the training school and nursing in general from 1898 to 1986. The content includes events in each decade in the world, Michigan, Grand Rapids, St. Mary's Hospital and the school of nursing. There are great stories, school facts, state and local events, student experiences, pictures some of which are almost 100 years old and comments from MCSN alumni members. The reader should savor the history, read carefully and digest the subtle and not so subtle changes in our society and culture as they influenced nursing education and the way that nursing care is given. 

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