The Moelker Family Chronicles by Dale Moelker


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Everything from squaring off against the local witch, kids having forbidden fun on their bikes, church youth group shenanigans, the inevitable experimenting with John Barleycorn or the mandatory march to the colonoscopy doc: The typical mid-20th century middle-class family experienced this and much more. In this collection, Dale Moelker weaves mostly humorous accounts of 61 random escapades of his life. These entertaining true-ish stories will keep you turning the pages to discover the next adventure. Will it be Mom demonstrating how to properly tell a dirty joke or the eventful saga of a trip to view a solar eclipse? Guess ya gotta read it to find out!

Dale Moelker has lived a diverse life including varied factory work, opening a bike store, patenting an invention, starting a photo studio, starting a marketing company, a successful decades-long career in automotive engineering, and more. Through it all he has never abandoned his dream of someday writing more seriously. He is now publishing “The Moelker Family Chronicles”, a collection of true-life experiences, as well as “Buried Affection”, his first novel.