Monster Parts & 84 Other Stories and Poems for Children by Susan M. Haddix


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In this collection of 85 stories and poems, you’ll journey with a fascinating variety of heroes and heroines.
You’ll meet Jake, the junk collector, who supplies spare parts to monsters; Cocoa the dog, who thinks she is a pig; and Green the jelly bean, who escapes his candy jar.
You’ll experience the unstoppable Old Mrs. Malarky, who sets out on a whim on a thousand mile bicycle trip to the ocean; and the young superhero James, determined to clean up his neighborhood.
You’ll read silly poems, about Coconut Ted who blows in on a hurricane wind; a million frogs, who crossed the road; and Banana Olphana, who designs unconventional fashion statements.
You’ll slow down for quieter stories like Shush Baby’s Sleeping, Night Noises and Grandma Love.
Perfect for children of all ages, you will laugh, cry and have a lot of fun along the way.