My Favorite Blue by Colleen Jinx-Cannon


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A young girl, living in a Mushroom House in Charlevoix, Michigan, finds her own little blue smurf…or is it?  A strange pilot is found in the woods behind her house.  He is a boy from another world, one who cannot expect rescue for two weeks…

Colleen McCormick decides to help out the ET and introduce him to her life on Earth.  They begin as strangers and bond as friends.  But the fun has only just begun, Trek is terrified of animals and sarcastic by nature and apparently is being pursue by the Shadowman.  A mysterious stranger who follows them around trying to discover the secret of the unusual boy with blue skin and antennas.   How long can they keep the secret to themselves and will the young alien ever be rescued from a world not quite ready to believe?

Explore Charlevoix in this whimsical story that revolves around the infamous Mushroom Houses and a visit to Castle Farms.