Never This Way Again (Now I Know) by C. Beth Porter


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“What an Awesome God we serve” At the risk of sounding like a modern day zealot, I am prepared to shout this truth from the highest rooftop.

I freely speak of God’s awesomeness when I look back at the unwavering faith He gave to my grandmother, my mother, and me as we walked through the fiery furnaces of the Jim Crow era of accepted- although ignorant-segregation of people of color.

Ignorance is not bliss as some would have us believe, but merely a coping mechanism designed to keep vulnerable segments of society in darkness and a super-imposed way to deal with societal induced pain.

To have come away with a genuine love for my brothers and sisters in Christ; no matter their color and to know that the God I serve gave us the life tools to work with, making the journey while raising our children, nothing short of miraculous is paramount.

It is my prayer that everyone who reads this book, will also come away with a deeper love for God and our fellow man. 

Remember and apply this truth daily to your walk with Christ that “God is no respecter of persons.” Acts 10:34

C.B. Porter