One Freak's Journey by Karunamayee devi dasi


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One Freak's Journey comprises the adventures and reflections of a life in perpetual motion.  I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in December of 1943 and grew up in a world that ended with a bang as the 1950s merged into the '60s.  The first 38 pages give background for my footsteps within the new world that evolved dramatically and with great finality from the old.  I was shot out as from a Cannon from all I'd ever known by the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963, one month before I turned 20.  His death was the pivotal moment from which my life proceeded.  In 1967 I was born and baptized within the vortex of the Psychedelic Revolution.  Revolution swept in on all fronts during that bygone decade and, both for better and for worse, has fertilized the soil of the world we live in today.  My own story is both personal and generational and I hope you'll enjoy its many twists and turns.