Our Last Odyssey By Tony Weller


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Join in this rollicking adventure with a couple in their mid eighties. In spite of some walking limits she had, he was determined to prove that they could still travel independently and enjoy their love of sightseeing. You will feel like you are there with them as they encounter the many unexpected foibles of travel in spite of the most carefully laid plans. Sprinkled throughout this story is the humor of many of these foibles. You will find yourself often chuckling and even laughing outright as you read and imagine yourself in their place. Some have even called it hilarious. The author also weaves in some of his life philosophies, which may interest you and give you a lift. When you finish, the detailed descriptions will either make you want to go there yourself or make you feel like you’ve already been and don’t need to go. The latter option definitely makes this book a good buy. Enjoy!