People Are Idiots by Aram Kabodian


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Idiots are all around us. Usually they are found driving the roads and working in the next cubicle. Often, though, they are in the car with us. Sometimes even in bed. Or staring back at us in the mirror. The line between ‘them’ and ‘us’ blurs in Kabodian’s second collection of poems. You may find someone you know (very well) on these pages.
Aram Kabodian taught middle school and high school English for twenty six years in several cities in Michigan. He is a fellow of the Red Cedar Writing Project at Michigan State University. Aram published a book of poems entitled My Name is Aram, Too in 2020. He also co-wrote a book for teachers called Lower Your Expectations: A Teacher’s Survival Guide. His hobbies include singing, juggling, trivia, traveling, and dancing. He resides in Henderson, Nevada, and can be contacted at

Rose is a 22 year old born and raised in Mid Michigan. Her interest in art began at a young age, and she pursued art in college. Rose is still inspired by her home state, and enjoys practicing her oil painting skills, inspired by the beaches and scenery in northern Michigan.