Peripheral Landscapes by Shiloh Kuhlman


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What sights have you seen in your life? What do you love and hope for? What do you dread to lose? Most everyone wants to live a happy existence, something they can call their own. A life that is comfortable and normal. But that’s not quite true, is it? Life has a way of changing your direction, making you take detours and sacrificing moments unseen.

In this collection of eight stories, you will see what happens in the corner of your eye. The lives you can’t possibly live. Lives that cannot exist, yet here they thrive. Here, you will find a man transported to a land of lost souls. A young woman coping with a fading past, and uncertain future. Worlds where time is in the palm of a hand, and an obsession that is all consuming. Demons fought by sword, and by body and soul. Brace your imagination and settle in for an examination of the mind.

You may just find pieces of yourself within.