Philip O. Jung Combo - At a Loss/The Soul in There


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At a Loss by Philip O. Jung
In his second collection of stories, award-winning author Philip O. Jung presents characters in a sometimes mortal struggle against the memories of profound loss and the relentlessness of unresolved grief. In a style that is both carefully hewn and adventurous, in often  memorable  imagery and phrasings, and in boldly expressive syntax and punctuation, Jung relates innovative tales that are gripping in their details of action and place yet are psychologically riveting, often surreal, at times humorous, and always in a tone sympathetic to the plights of his characters.

The Soul in There by Philip O. Jung
In this collection of fresh stories from a vibrant new voice, we plunge into a world inhabited by people of all ages seeking some sense of meaning in the maelstrom of their circumstances. With action condensed to no more than a few hours, sometimes only mnutes, these stories and vignettes are intense, imaginative, sometimes outragous, and always gripping.

Philip joung is a former college instructor of English and philosophy. He's the author of The First 100 Years: The Basilica of St. Adalbert 1881-1981 and numerous articles. After raising three children, he and his wife Joan live peacefully in Grand Rapids, Michigan.