A Taste of Privilege by Madelene Yahya


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Take a step back in time and meet the author’s large African-American family.  In the early 1900s, as the book begins, they work as impoverished sharecroppers in the Mississippi Delta who face prejudice, injustice, and racism.  But Grandfather McKinley’s determination ultimately enables his family to seek a better life of privilege in Michigan.  You will laugh and cry as the family secrets of the colorful characters are revealed.  Told with warmth and humor, A Taste of Privilege is a story of love, hope and triumph over adversity.

Madelene Yahya lives in Grand Rapids Michigan.  She is a mother and grandmother.  Her compassion makes her a great listener, and her love of her family provides insight into the colorful family history she shares in this book.  Madelene’s creativity, compassion, and sense of humor shine through in these pages.  Madelene is totally committed to being a child of God and takes great pleasure in learning and in living life to the fullest.